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Forest Camp – 24-28 September 2020

Forest Camp
Forest Camp

The history of the forest restoration camp began in Baikal region with the initiative of people who are not indifferent to help reforestation after the devastating fires in 2015. Then burned > 1.5 million hectares, which is half the area of Belgium.

In autumn 2015, the first planting took place on the island of Olkhon, where there were huge burned areas. Camp volunteers decided to engage in the restoration of the Baikal taiga, because at that time they already had experience in forestation: since 2012, the volunteers conducted a traditional campaign in Irkutsk ‘‘Plant a tree – Give Life to the Planet’’ in Kayskaya Grove (at the moment the project is completed).

In 2016, camp volunteers raised funds on crowdfunding platform «Boomstarter», which not only planted a new forest, but also built an effective fence to protect the Baikal Riviera – Sarai Bay from the spontaneous movement of traffic on Lake Olkhon.

Autumn plantings have become a tradition for camp volunteers, which unites people who are willing to work for the benefit of nature.

Every year the camp volunteers check the results of their work. At the moment, the forests planted by the camp participants, safely grow on the territory > 80 hectares.

This autumn the camp volunteers continue their work in cooperation with the Ministry of Forestry of Irkutsk region.

It is planned to plant trees experimentally in Slyudyanka district near the Snezhnaya River near the shore of Lake Baikal. The work will be carried out from 24 to 28 September on a 10-year-old fire, where natural reforestation is very slow. At the moment, rarely growing birch trees began to appear there. Before the fire, firsprucepine and cedar trees were growing there, and they will be planted by the camp team.

In addition to ‘‘field’’ work, the 2020 camp is planned to train in the skills of careful handling of nature, acquaintance with the concept of ‘‘zero waste’’. Volunteers of the camp will share their experience in sorting waste, discuss environmental problems and ways to solve them. It will be shown and told what everyone can do for nature of their native land. Each participant will personally live a small life with new eco habits.

Natalia Eremeeva, director of the charitable foundation ‘‘Give Life to the Planet’’, has been conducting classes at the so-called ‘‘school of leaders’’ for many years. There she shares her experience in organizing environmental campaigns and talks about how to inspire and organize volunteers, how to host such campaigns and create an ongoing project. At the same time, the school participants will immediately be able to try their hand as foremen and practice leadership skills.

In conclusion, we would like to find out what is voluntary reforestation?
First, it is new forests planted with love.
Secondly, it is assistance where it is necessary, but for some reason these activities have not been included in the state plans to develop the ecological situation in the region.
Thirdly, it is education of a good attitude towards nature.
Fourth, it is an opportunity to realize your own desire to be useful.
Fifth, it is a good tradition that we need to support in our country.

More info on restoration Baikal camp can be found here

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